Coachmakers was Jake’s “turning point”

Jake Flannigan admits he was "clueless" about his future, but he's now studying to be a personal trainer and delivering PE and sport sessions at a local primary school. He admits: "If it wasn't for Coachmakers, I really don't know where I'd be right now."Read more

How the Theory of Change helped us maximise our impact

The NASDC team has been visiting sport organisations across the UK helping them use the 'Theory of Change' to maximise their impact on reducing crime and rehabilitating offenders. But how could we advise others on how to use it if we hadn't 'walked the walk' ourselves?Read more

NASDC and Fight for Peace commended for 'maximum impact'

The National Alliance of Sport for the Desistance of Crime (NASDC) has been highlighted as an example of 'best practice' by Upshot, the industry-leading monitoring and evaluation platform for the third sector.Read more

"Coachmakers helped me find my focus"

Joe Williams dropped out of Sixth Form and was spending most days in bed. Two years later, he was named RBS Bank's Apprentice of the Year. He says Coachmakers played "a crucial part" in his transformation.Read more

Coachmakers puts Hallum on path to achieving his dream

Hallum Collier left school aged 16 and joined the army, but soon realised his ultimate ambition was to become a PE teacher. Knowing that he would need to get a degree, but lacking qualifications and experience to apply, he didn’t know where to start. Coachmakers proved to be his salvation.Read more

Inside story - How LJ's Cell Workout is helping rehabilitate offenders

While locked up for 22 hours a day in HMP Pentonville, LJ Flanders invented his own fitness regime. It became a best-selling book. He's now back inside, using it to rehabilitate offenders - with a little help from our Theory of Change.Read more

NASDC launches 'Theory of Change' to harness the power of sport

The National Alliance of Sport for the Desistance of Crime (NASDC) has launched its new Theory of Change – a vision for how sport can work together with the development and criminal justice sectors to achieve maximum impact.Read more

Seal of approval

The 2nd Chance Group’s work has been praised in several independent studies and used as evidence to support increased investment in sport for the desistance from crime.Read more